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Watt peak , common kilowatt peak, describes the electrical output of a solar system. The term peak describes the potential peak performance of a system, ie, for example, that a 10kWp system generates 10 kilowatts of electricity under ideal conditions. The maximum performance is measured under strictly controlled standard test conditions (STC), since each system is subject to different conditions (position of the sun, orientation, inclination, etc.), the key figure represents optimal comparison values.

Mein-Solarwerk has found that lower-quality solar modules perform significantly worse compared to higher-quality solar modules. Because of the long lifespan of a solar module, it is worth purchasing a high-quality module. The additional costs per module are kept within limits. We therefore strongly recommend branded goods, e.g. Jinko, Solarfabrik, Heckert, Luxor, Axitec, Aleo, Burger-Meyer, Solarwatt.


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