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About us and Mein-Solarwerk

2020: My solar plant and balcony power plant

Saving money, increasingly minimizing dependencies and treating the environment fairly are values ​​that we are committed to. This is why a report from Finanztest came in handy to devote itself to the topic of solar. More reading, lots of calculations and observations followed and four months later the roof was covered with solar. (Well, in 2020 it was still quick and the system for 12k probably costs €22k today :-( )

The assembly during our installation was a large item on the bill. There was also great interest in solar in the neighborhood and among friends. The big hurdle, however, is the investment volume for classic house roof solar. Likewise the long-term investment of ~15 years. A short time later we became aware of the topic of balcony power plants and mini PV . Well, plug-in solar seemed to be the ideal product to close the gap. Our solar technician, the Solar Center Siegerland, contributes product know-how, quality, network and long-term experience .

This works quite well because the ideas are identical. The solar technology is designed to last for 20 years plus. We only sell electronic components that impress us and we are not concerned with the cheapest starting price, but with the best long-term solution. If we compare with the car market, our balcony power plants start with VW and end with Mercedes - unfortunately we don't have a Dacia.

Our components and assembly systems must also have long-term durability . It simply doesn't help to send a simple system that will be defective after 5 years or that the modules are not fully fixed and the frame will break. Another aspect is aesthetics. The technology must not only function bluntly and must also look good visually. Color-coordinated modules, profile strips and clamps in black or silver to match the solar modules so that the roof also looks beautiful.

Goods must be permanently available and reach the customer quickly. Once we as a customer have decided and bought a product, we would like to get started and not wait for the craftsman :-) We only offer what is available in stock in order to fulfill our delivery promise . If the worst comes to the worst, there will be an upgrade at our expense and no waiting time.

Well, that should be it for now. We hope you know us and our promise better. We look forward to your visit, your message or your call. Please feel free to contact us. Let's make the planet a little better together every day; If we can save money, even better!!

Sunny greetings

Your team from Mein-Solarwerk

Update 2023: The energy crisis, saving money and of course sustainable factors ensure that balcony power plants leave their niche existence behind them and become more of a focus. On the one hand, we are pleased about this because it will promote sustainability and the switch to renewable energies. On the other hand, the main reasons, namely increased electricity prices, are not encouraging. In some countries, as well as the social pressure from rising costs that we as a population are experiencing.

We try to provide the best possible support with high-quality products with a long service life, ideally available directly. We would also like to pass on the most favorable conditions possible that we demand from our suppliers in order to provide the best possible support for society. In this sense, we remain true to our motto and deliver the best balcony power plants Made in Germany.

The quality, our growing team, thousands of systems sold and the focus on the consumer make us the right partner.

We are happy to hear from them

Your team from Mein-Solarwerk (Steckersolar GmbH)


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