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The base load refers to the energy requirement of an energy supply unit, which it needs constantly and constantly. This general basic need for energy can arise in a household, for example, from electricity consumers such as refrigerators, freezers, devices in standby, heating pumps, hot water boilers, telephones and WiFi connections.

In Europe, so-called base-load power plants are operated that produce energy 24 hours a day. These are usually nuclear or coal-fired power plants, whose CO2 emissions have negative consequences for the environment.

To determine your personal base load for your household, you can, for example, read your meter and the time before you go to bed in the evening.

Then write down the meter reading and the time when you get up.

The difference between the two numbers divided by the hours describes the watt consumption per hour. You can then calculate this for 24 hours and 365 days, for example, to determine your annual base load. Calculating by 1000 will then show you your annual base load in kW.


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