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Terms & Conditions Partner Program / Affiliate

Agreement on commission payment and partner program from www.Mein-Solarwerk.de

Preliminary remark

Today, customers trust testimonials, reviews and word-of-mouth advertising from people in their environment more than ever. At the same time, there are a large number of inquiries in the field of solar installers for balcony power plants and plug-in solar systems, which are hardly profitable if a solar installer completes a consulting function, offer phase, etc. With the partner program, we would like to give both private recommenders and professional solar installers the opportunity to become partners, recommend mein-Solarwerk and at the same time earn commissions for marketing.

  1. Participation with clear assignment as a partner of www.mein-Solarwerk.de
    1. In the event that end customers are assigned by the end customers either
      1. have used the links (“affiliate link”) generated by www.mein-Solarwerk
      2. If you have carried out the assignment manually as part of the ordering process when ordering online, the partner participates in the end customer's order as follows:
        www.mein-Solarwerk.de credits the partner with a commission:
  • Balcony power plants with two modules: €25 commission
  • Balcony power plant with one module: €15 commission
  • All other products: 2% of net sales, excluding freight
  • www.mein-Solarwerk.de credits the commission to the partner account after sales have been made and a link/voucher that refers to the partner has been used. Any discounts that may apply to purchases by the advertiser will be redeemed directly in the shop system. The partner can have the commissions he has earned paid out or receives the earned commissions paid out automatically. A payment can only be made after full payment by the buyer and after a possible return has expired (usually 14 days after receipt of the goods).
  • www.mein-Solarwerk.de checks sales made in the partner program and reserves the right to cancel commission payments and voucher discounts in the event of misuse.
  • In the event of missed voucher redemption/partner link use, partner commissions can be rejected without giving reasons or cannot be processed retroactively.
  • www.mein-Solarwerk.de reserves the right to terminate partnerships immediately without giving reasons
  • Placing created voucher codes online on so-called voucher sites does not meet the terms and conditions of the partner program. The program is aimed at private recommenders or craft companies. Agencies and advertisers with a commercial background should please get in touch before creating an account.

2. Additional Conditions

  1. In addition to the regulations in this agreement, the “General Terms and Conditions” also apply to the online offer of www.mein-Solarwerk.de .
  2. The partner program is not subject to any guarantees or liability claims and can be changed or canceled at any time by www.mein-Solarwerk.de .

(December 2020 version)


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