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Was muss ich bei der Installation eines Balkonkraftwerks, Mini-PV beachten?

What do I have to consider when installing a balcony power plant, mini PV?

, by Markus Ochel, 2 min reading time

The mini PV system can be installed very easily by you with the least manual skill. You will find mounting sets for every need, whether fixed on the balcony, free on the carport or for roof installation, in the shop.

The electrical components can be connected with simple plug connections and can be plugged directly into the socket with a Schuko plug. According to the VDE standard (Association for Electrical Engineering), a stationary connection is required for the connection to the house connection. The easiest way to ensure this connection is with a Wieland socket. Of course, you can also get a Wieland socket in our shop and the installation is ensured by simple screw connections. After connecting the balcony power station to the Wieland socket, the plug is firmly connected to the socket. The connector is unlocked with a small screwdriver. The special Wieland socket ensures electronic protection.

However, the products in our shop are already electronically protected by the components used (usually inverters). By using the Wieland socket, you get double protection.

* The sample calculations & features are non-binding estimates. Influences such as shading, operation, orientation and weather conditions are beyond our control and we exclude liability.

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  • Muss das Ständerwerk für Flachdachmontage des Balkonkraftwerks geerdet werden und wenn ja, wo schließt man die Erdung an ?


    Dieter Keldenich

  • Hallo @Hein-Dieter, das Gewicht der Module finden Sie in den Datenblättern der Solarmodule. Normalerweise beträgt es zwischen 18-20kg je einzelnem Modul. Grüße Markus



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