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Der optimale Standort & Montage des Balkonkraftwerks

The optimal location & installation of the balcony power plant

, by Markus Ochel, 5 min reading time

The optimal location for the balcony power plant

A decision on the location must be made before purchasing the balcony power plant. Mein-Solarwerk explains below what to pay attention to.

The most important points when choosing a location at a glance:

  • South orientation: The most productive electricity production is achieved when the module is aligned to the south. This is where the solar modules can absorb solar radiation most effectively.
  • An east-west orientation is also recommended for users who want to achieve permanent production. The east-facing module generates the first electricity, while both modules produce electricity around midday and the west-facing module still supplies electricity in the evening hours.
  • Tilt angle: The perfect tilt angle of the system is 30-35 degrees for our latitude and this is where the solar module can absorb the most light. Deviations from the angle are okay, but a vertical alignment should be avoided, as the losses here are very high.
  • Height: The higher solar modules are installed on the house, the better. This tends to minimize disruptive influences from shadows, trees, house walls, etc.
  • Shade-free: The solar module should be freely aligned with the sun without any restrictions. Trees, balcony railings, satellite dishes that cast their shadows on the modules limit the performance

The installation location for your balcony power plant

Balcony power plants can of course also be installed outside of balcony railings. Since the system is very compact with only 1-2 modules, numerous locations are suitable for installing a system. Please note that installation packages vary depending on the desired location.

So e.g. B. also at the following locations:

  • Garages & carport roofs
  • house roofs
  • Garden shed with a sloping roof
  • Terrace or balcony railings
  • Sunny lawns & front yard
  • House facades
  • Terrace roofing

Optimal alignment of the modules

The solar modules work most effectively when the sun shines vertically on them. As an average guideline, the best performance is achieved by a south-facing module with a tilt angle of 30 - 35 degrees.

If you can freely choose the location, we recommend a flat roof mount with an adjustable angle; this can be found as a complete set at Mein-Solarwerk.

Locations on the balcony

On the balcony, we recommend mounting directly on the outside railing with the modules exposed to the sky. Here, profile rails are attached to the railing with clamps and the modules are mounted accordingly on the profile rails. The inverter is also attached directly to the profile rail and sits protected behind a module. Optionally, we recommend checking whether an angle of inclination is possible, for example by attaching a threaded rod. This significantly increases the output. We have explained the installation on the balcony in detail at the following link .

Location terrace

For a balcony power plant on the terrace, we recommend installing it with a flat roof support that can be changed in angle or alternatively with mounting feet. It must be ensured that the modules are secured against storms. Terrace slabs can be used for weighting. These are placed on the crossbars of the flat roof support and thus prevent the system from lifting off in strong winds. The mounting feet can be attached to commercially available curbs. This way they are secured. Here are the assembly videos

Important: We generally advise against constructions with wheels. Although these can be moved quickly, they pose serious risks during a storm.

On the roof

It is possible to install a system on the roof and is often the most popular place for installation. First of all, it is important to determine what the base of the roof to be installed is. If you have a pitched roof with tiles, the installation is suitable for a tiled roof. If it is a roof with wood and bitumen shingles, hanger screws are suitable. For corrugated iron roofs or a sheet metal roof, the installation package for trapezoidal sheet metal is suitable. Appropriate fall protection must be included, especially when installing on the roof. The installation should also be carried out by two people.

If it is a flat roof or a roof with a slight slope, the flat roof support or mounting feet can also be used here.

More tips on purchasing and location

The necessary assembly parts vary depending on the location and circumstances. The following tips can save you money and work.

Balcony power plant tip complete package : The packages are not only usually cheaper from the manufacturers, but also contain the corresponding, coordinated assembly materials.

Balcony power plant tip manufacturer selection : We recommend dealers where direct contact is possible. It is also important to pay attention to how long the dealer has been active. Especially at the end of 2022, there are a large number of newcomers whose experiences are rather limited. In the context of guarantees, we have found that a case with German module manufacturers can be processed more quickly. Luckily it only happens very rarely.

Balcony power plant tip fastening parts : If you install the solar system sockets yourself, you should make sure that the fastening parts such as screws, brackets or sheets are weatherproof and rust-free when using the “self-made” brand. All of our assembly parts have appropriate building approvals and have appropriate weather resistance.

Balcony power plant tip safety : Paying attention to occupational safety is mandatory. Assembly makes sense with two people.

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