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Ich glaub ich ziehe bald um! Was mache ich bei Umzug mit der Anlage?

I think I'll be moving soon! What do I do with the system if I move?

, by Markus Ochel, 1 min reading time

In a rented apartment today and in a condominium tomorrow? Even if you move frequently. The balcony power plant is as flexible as its user and can be used wherever you happen to be.

Mini PVs are small and light, as well as movable and transportable. With these features you can be connected virtually anywhere, as long as a socket or, if necessary, a power storage device is available. This means you can ensure your income in almost every situation.

* The sample calculations and features are non-binding estimates. Influences such as shading, operation, alignment and weather influences are beyond our control and we exclude liability.

Here you will find further blog posts on the topic of balcony power plants

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