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Förderung von Balkonkraftwerken

Promotion of balcony power plants

, by Jacqueline Vitt, 5 min reading time

Whether renter or owner , everyone can participate in the current solar boom . With Mein-Solarwerk you can also benefit from the solar boom with your own balcony power plant .

While small plug-in systems were previously interesting and very popular for the camping sector , they have become more and more important as the modules have been further developed and efficiency has improved . Balcony power plants reduce electricity bills , protect the environment and are also subsidized by many cities and municipalities . The environmental authorities are often the right contacts and an online search for environmental authority + your city + contact should lead you directly to the right contact .

Since there is no nationwide funding program for balcony power plants , it is worth checking with the city online to see whether you currently have funding opportunities and what the guidelines are . For example, some cities require a Wieland plug for a subsidy or only subsidize tenants .

The city of Braunschweig supports a purchase with up to 400 euros . That 's almost half of a complete system ( depending on the performance of the modules and the type of system ). Citizens receive a subsidy of 250 euros for a system with an inverter output of 400 watts and a subsidy of 400 euros for a system with 600 watts . The application should be unbureaucratic and easy to do online .

But many other cities have also introduced subsidies and consumers can benefit from them .

We are aware of funding from the following cities :
  • Braunschweig (currently paused)
  • Darmstadt
  • Dülmen
  • Emmendingen
  • gain
  • Filderstadt
  • Forchheim
  • Freiburg
  • Göttingen
  • Graz
  • Gunzburg
  • holders
  • Hamm (subsidies currently exhausted)
  • Kleve
  • Cologne
  • Kreuztal
  • Lüneburg
  • Marburg (for tenants)
  • Martoberdorf
  • Moers
  • Olsberg
  • Penzberg
  • Ratingen
  • Win
  • Stuttgart (promotes the installation, not the system)
  • Stuttgart (tenant)
  • Weinheim
  • Wesel

We wish you a lot of fun and good contacts with your local contacts . And if your city / district has no subsidies , do n't be sad : a balcony power plant is worth it for your wallet , your independence from electricity suppliers and for the environment , even without subsidies . We at www . my-solarworks . de will be happy to advise you on your balcony power plant .

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