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Balkonkraftwerk anmelden beim Netzbetreiber

Register the balcony power plant with the network operator

, by Markus Ochel, 4 min reading time

Hello dear community,

Today we would like to talk about how to register your balcony power plant with the network operator.

The easiest method is to use the registration form from the DGS. If you buy your balcony power plant from Mein-Solarwerk , you will receive your registration documents almost completely filled out when the system is delivered.

What information is requested? Enter your address and your electricity meter number. Either you take the number from the electricity meter directly or the number of your electricity meter can also be displayed on your electricity bills and taken from there.

Under Data you will find the request for the AC nominal power. You can find these in the data sheets of the inverter, but you can also find them in the following table for the corresponding inverters:

Envertech EVT 300 -> 330 watts

Enphase IQ7+ -> 290 watts

Hoymile's HM350 -> 350 watts

Envertech EVT 560 -> 600 watts

APSystems YC600 -> 600 watts

AP Systems DS3S -> 600 watts

The inverter data sheet must be included with the registration. We will enclose a copy for you. You can also find the data sheets in the product descriptions. Your network operator can request the declaration of conformity. Feel free to click on the following links to Envertech inverters or APSystems inverters.

Now it comes to the measuring points.

Point 1 should be chosen if you have a digital counter (bidirectional counter) or a counter with backstop installed. You can recognize a counter with a backstop, for example: E.g. by this symbol on the meter.

Point 2 must be ticked because there are no EEG subsidies for balcony power plants or plug-in solar systems.

Check point 3 when requesting a new meter that measures both the feed-in of excess electricity from your balcony power plant and the purchase you receive from your supplier.

Add the location, date and signature and give the documents to the network operator.

Often the network operators don't even respond. The background is that the registration of a balcony power plant is simply irrelevant for the network operator and only the documentation requirements are fulfilled. If your network operator does not respond and you would like confirmation of your registration, we recommend sending a "reminder email" to the responsible employee. Here you can find out who is responsible for network sales and order management at your local network operator. There may also be a separate solar registration department. Contact staff directly via email regarding your registration and a response will usually be received within a day or two.

That's it. Good luck and we look forward to your feedback!

Here you can find out how you can enter your balcony power plant in the Federal Network Agency's market master data register .

Plug-in solar & balcony power plants are also worthwhile for your household! Here you go complete article from the consumer advice center

Here you will find more blog posts on the subject of balcony power plants

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  • In Deutschland müssen die Wechselrichter mit einem sogeannten NA-Schutz ausgestattet sein. Dieser schaltet die Anlage ab, sobald Probleme i mStromnetz oder an der Anlage auftreten



  • Ist die Anlage auch mit Sicherungen ausgestattet?


    Bruno Smorra

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