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Ein Balkonkraftwerk im Marktstammdatenregister anmelden (Bundesnetzagentur - MaStR)

Register a balcony power plant in the market master data register (Federal Network Agency - MaStR)

, by Markus Ochel, 4 min reading time

You register a balcony power plant with two places

  1. The local network operator (this may not be your electricity supplier)
  2. In the market master data register of the Federal Network Agency

The registration of a balcony power plant in the market master data register is carried out on the Federal Network Agency's registration page for power generation devices . Registering with the network operator and in the market master data register seems like a lot of effort at first. However, the effort is worth it because with a single registration process (10-20 minutes) you can become an electricity producer for 20 years or more. So that it takes 10 minutes rather than 20, we explain the procedure here and which fields you normally have to specify for a balcony power plant.

Registration takes around 10-20 minutes and consists of the following three parts

  1. Log in user account
  2. Registration of the system operator
  3. Registration of the facility

The background to the staggered approach is that as an operator you could operate different systems, e.g. a solar system on your roof and, for example, a wind turbine in one location or a combined heat and power plant in another location.

Have your documents, including the product data sheets we sent you, ready.

If you are new to the market master data register, start at point one. Actors who have already registered log into their account and start at point three.

1. To register a user account you only need the following personal information.

  • Salutation
  • First name
  • Last name
  • birth date
  • E-mail address
  • password

After entering your data, you will receive a confirmation email. Confirm this email and your account is activated.

2. To register the system operator , provide the following key data if you are a private person and use the balcony power plant privately

  • Market function: plant operator
  • Your complete address details
  • The period of activity is the date of commissioning
  • Main industry: Section D - energy production
  • Department: Energy Supply
  • Main industry: electricity supply
  • User roles: Typically you as the applicant

3. Enter your balcony power plant or register your system

  • Type of unit: Electricity generation
  • Type of electricity generation: Solar radiant energy
  • Operating status: Operating
  • Display name: A name can be freely chosen and publicly visible, e.g. My-Solarwerk
  • Date of commissioning
  • Installation location: Typically your address
  • Click the Apply geocoordinates from address data field
  • Number of modules: 1 or 2 modules
  • Gross power of the power generation unit: The power of your purchased modules (see module data sheet)
  • Inverter power: Refer to the inverter data sheet - usually 0.3 KW for one module or 0.6 KW for two modules
  • Power storage: No, not available
  • Does a power limitation apply to the solar system: No
  • Place of installation of the solar system and the next fields must be filled in individually according to your system
  • The feed-in type is partial feed-in
  • Remote control by the network operator: No
  • Access network operator: Your local operator
  • Voltage level: low voltage (=house connection)
  • Identification number assigned by the network operator: In most cases, the network operators do not assign identification numbers for balcony power plants. Select the field not present on the right
  • EEG data can usually be denied or is not available
  • Surcharges for tenders or tenant electricity are not obtained for private use

Registration ready :-)

Take a look here at how to register your balcony power plant with the network operator

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