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Ein Balkonkraftwerk befestigen auf dem Schrägdach mit Dachpfannen

Attach a balcony power plant to the pitched roof with roof tiles

, by Markus Ochel, 6 min reading time

Dear readers,

Do you want to install a balcony power plant on a pitched roof with roof tiles and are not sure whether you can do it? We have the right balcony power station holder and we are sure that you can do it. Our mounting set helps you to mount two solar modules on the pitched roof with roof tiles. The working time for two modules is approximately 2 hours and you should be two people. Here are the assembly instructions.

Safety First - Always secure yourself properly when working on the roof and wear gloves. Falling off the roof as an energy saver is a bad investment. Safety instructions over :-)

But let's now start with the assembly and in the picture you can see what the balcony power station holder for the tiled roof looks like. From left to right you can see the mounting plate of the roof hook, profile rails and, last but not least, the middle and end clamps.

But now up to the roof and to the pans. The first step is to determine the correct installation position on the roof.

The solar module ends approx. 15-20 cm below the lower profile rail. What we want to avoid is that the solar module protrudes over the gutter or that rain runs over the gutter and not into the gutter. Therefore, choose the installation height for your first profile rail accordingly. It should be fine with the third row from the bottom.

Removes the pan to the location where the installation should begin. Normally the pans can be pushed up. Once you have pushed it part way up, you can lift the pan and lever it out.

Now it's time to connect the roof hook to the rafters. Fixes the roof hook plate with the washer head screws. The roof hook must rest firmly in the recess of the pan. Here is a good video . which describes the correct position well.

After the first hook is in place, place the second roof hook in the same row of roof tiles.

  • For a solar module, the roof hooks can be placed at a distance of approx. 80-90 cm.
  • For two modules, two roof hooks are placed approx. 80-90 cm apart.
After the first two roof hooks are in the bottom row, you can close the pans again. If the roof tile sockets do not close and there is a gap, use a flex & diamond wheel to cut off the protruding grooves. The pans should seal tightly. (see picture here)

After you have set the first row of roof hooks for solar installation, it is now time for the second row of roof hooks. Count up four pans and this is where the next hook is mounted. After attaching the hooks, slide a hammer head screw into the roof hook.

Now insert your profile rail and connect it firmly to the roof hooks. Align your structure and adjust. When everything is level and level, tighten the screws so that the profiles are firmly connected to the hooks.

Now push in the end clamps on one side. If you are installing two modules, temporarily insert the middle clamps. The first module (cable pointing upwards) is now placed on the roof and lightly tightened at the appropriate point using the end clamps. The end clamp sits firmly on the profile with a distance of at least 1 cm from the edge. You can now tighten the end clamps and fix the solar module .

Now mount your inverter and screw it onto the profile rail. The panel cables must be connected to the inverter accordingly. Please also connect the connection cable for the inverter (5m, 10m, etc.) to the inverter. Please do not connect to the power grid at this point.

Then insert module two (cabling) into your construction. Connect the module cables to the inverter before assembly. The center clamps connect your two modules and can be tightened after perfect alignment. Now complete your assembly with the end clamps and you have now installed your balcony power plant on the tiled roof.

The crowning glory of your system is the connection to the power grid. With the right brightness, electricity production starts - immediately.


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