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Solar Flachdach Aufständerung

Balcony power plant on the flat roof/carport

, by Markus Ochel, 4 min reading time

The solar potential

Whether in the country or in the city, whether owned or rented. Almost everywhere there is unused space that can be used to produce electricity using a balcony power plant. The advantage is that even small areas such as the roof of the garden shed, a canopy, the patio cover or the garden can be used. Even in a small space, the dream of generating your own electricity with the help of a balcony power plant can come true.

Unused potential:
Carports and garages in particular are the perfect places for balcony power plants. The area is mostly empty and unused, but is easily accessible for assembly, even if rented. Most of the time a ladder is enough and it's quite easy to stand on the straight roof. Here, a fully assembled support is simply handed up, two solar modules are connected and electricity production begins.

With a flat roof attachment that can be adjusted in angle, the balcony power plant can be perfectly aligned for the highest possible yield. The biggest advantage here is flexibility. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day of the year . However, the Earth 's axis is tilted and its position relative to the Sun changes throughout the year . In summer, the sun 's rays hit the Earth at a steeper angle . The sun is high . In winter the sun is flat and our northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun .

In general , it is recommended to align the balcony power plant flat between 20-30 degrees in summer and steeper between 30-40 degrees in the winter months . A south orientation is preferred , followed by a west or east orientation .

The alternative option with feet:
If you like it simple, elegant and unobtrusive, you can mount it using mounting feet . Here less metal ends up on the roof and the construction looks very aesthetic. Installation directly on standard curbs from the hardware store ensures extra stability. This means that domestic electricity consumers can be supplied directly with the electricity they generate themselves.

Solar module flat roof with feet

Solar feet

Solar flat roof

Operate the balcony power plant in parallel with the photovoltaic system:
But purchasing a balcony power plant for the carport or garage is also interesting for homeowners who already have a PV system on the roof and are concerned about the electricity feed-in. In this way, the unused area can generate additional electricity yield and generate more income. Compensation for the electricity generated is also possible.

The conclusion:
A balcony power plant is worthwhile for everyone and generates a lot of electricity that no longer needs to be purchased. Generation can be easily ensured on the flat roofs of the world, such as garages and carports, with your own balcony power plant. Even if you move or are a tenant, you are flexible and your power plant simply moves with you. We wish you good returns and are sure that a power plant will also be worthwhile for you. If you have any questions, please call us.

Do you have any questions about assembly and the sets?

Please give us a call and watch our videos , in which you can see how you can become your own electricity supplier in 15 minutes.

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