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Ein Balkonkraftwerk am Balkon anbringen

Attach a balcony power station to the balcony

, by Markus Ochel, 4 min reading time

Dear readers,

Would you like to install a balcony power plant on the balcony ? We are sure that you can do it and will show you how we installed a solar module on the balcony . ( Disclaimer : This blog is not intended as advice or guidance ). The working time for one module is approx . 30 minutes and there should be two of you . Here we have the appropriate installation video :

Safety first - ensure the necessary safety when working on the balcony. Wear gloves, do not work alone, and check screw connections regularly. Provide attachment with four fixed points. This means attaching modules with raw clamps at the top and bottom. It is also a bad investment if you, as an energy saver, fall off the roof/balcony or expose others to risk. Safety tip end :-)

The rear view of our mounting system for balcony mounting. Your balcony railing serves as a secure holder and you attach the solar module with fastening clips. The load on the brackets is up to 300kg per bracket - TÜV tested. Your solar module is clamped firmly into profile rails, four clamps hold the module in place

Now for assembly. In the first step, the balcony holders are connected to the profile rail. We recommend drilling a hole in the wide channel of the profile rail. This has the advantage that the screw is firmly connected to the profile rail. However, you can also secure the balcony bracket without drilling, just by tightening the nut. In both cases, the nut sits firmly in the channel of the profile rail and cannot rotate in the channel.

The holder is screwed approximately 10cm to the end of the profile rail. We placed a hammer head screw over each clamp. and pull them tight. This screw serves as security.

After the two balcony holders have been inserted into the channel of the profile rail, the solar modules are now connected to the profile rail. The modules are approximately 180cm long and the profile rails are attached approximately 20-30cm from the module ends. Lay out the rails, the back of the module on the rails and then pull the first end clamp into the profile rail. Correspondingly, clamp by clamp until the four end clamps firmly grip the module.

After edging, check your assembly again in all places. Are the individual terminals firmly and fully attached to the module frame? Are the holders tight?

If you want to mount the inverter under the modules, you can now connect it to the profile rails. You can use the screw provided and insert it into the profile rail channel. 

Now lift the first module over your balcony railing and the clamps will be firmly connected to the railing. Please work with at least two people here, so that one or two people hold the module and one installs the clamps. The clamps are closed and the screws are connected. To protect your railing from scratches etc. you can put a piece of fabric or rubber around the clamps.

Your module produces at least 30% more electricity when placed at a slight angle. There is no universal solution here, due to the different balconies, parapets and materials. An M10 hammer head screw, a threaded rod and an adapter nut (all available at hardware stores) often help to ensure four-point assembly. Safety ropes are also good protection - as safety is the top priority.

Congratulations, it seems you have mastered the assembly!!

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  • wo finde ich die befestigungssystem.


    Nikolaus Fischer

  • Grandios schnell und faire Angebote. Und die Lieferung, so schnell, ca. nur 8 Tage incl. Spedition. PV anbau braucht natürlich etwas Geschick. Vor allem unseren Balkon. Aber mit det Anletung und Tipps, super zu meistern. Ich kann einfach nur empfehlen, bei euch zu Bestellen..Zwei Freunde haben es bei mir gesehen und bestellen auch bei Euch..Einfach bitte weiter so. Schöne Grüße.


    R. Schumcher

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