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Balkonkraftwerk - Clevere Bürger erzeugen Ihren Strom selbst

Balcony power plant - clever citizens generate their own electricity

, by Markus Ochel, 4 min reading time

Sustainability is becoming a focus around the world in order to protect our modern world and move towards the goals of sustainable development. An important goal is the use of renewable energy sources for energy needs. Renewable resources such as hydropower, wind power and of course solar work successfully and deliver promising results worldwide.

In order to take advantage of these advantages as a consumer, whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you can set up your own balcony power plant to cover the energy needs of your home. But how?

With a mini PV (as a balcony power plant is also called) you can save a good part of your electricity costs and you become a direct producer of green electricity. A balcony power plant can be installed not only on the balcony, but also on your roof, terrace, carport or garage and is completely flexible and mobile. Regardless of whether you are a renter or a homeowner, a mini PV is a product for you. Read on to find out where you should install it, how much it costs and what you can do with your balcony power plant. Let us begin!!

Should you install a balcony power plant?

Installing a balcony power plant is pretty easy. The panels are not connected to the apartment's electrical network or meter cabinet. Only a normal Schuko plug is plugged in and therefore installation does not require professional help - simple plug & play.

However, before installation, you need a good mounting package for your panel/solar panels. Profile rails ensure that the solar panels remain firmly installed in place.

The number of panels depends on the dimensions of your balcony and usually one or two solar panels are installed to be considered a small generation unit.

Tip: If you live in the northern hemisphere, it is advisable that your terrace faces south in order to capture as much and strong sunlight as possible with the panel, but the east & west directions are also easily usable today due to good technology.

Is it financially worth it?

A balcony 380W system generates 370 kWh * €0.35 electricity costs/kwH. Your annual return is €129.5 per year. And with a purchase of €500, you will have fully amortized your investment after 3.8 years. The return on your invested capital would be around 25.9%. Which bank gives you 25.9% interest and is therefore a very worthwhile investment.

760 watt balcony system

A 760-watt balcony system already delivers 750 kWh * €0.35 electricity costs/kwH, so your annual income is €262 per year. With an acquisition cost of €800, your system will get the capital invested back after approx. 3.1 years. The return on your invested capital is 32.75%. That's a pretty lucrative return.

However, the bill can be improved even further if your solar modules are installed higher and on the roof. A direct line to the sun, mounted as high as possible without shadows or light, provides the highest yield.

Now the answer to the question you were looking for.

So how can the electricity from the balcony power plant be used?

The plug-in solar device plugs directly into your socket and your electronic devices are supplied with power via your power line.

For example, the balcony power plant will operate electrical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and other electronic devices. Many electrical devices run continuously and can be powered from your balcony power plant during the day. This means that the daily washing machine or dishwasher is twice as worthwhile during the day. Any excess production of electricity is sent to the city's power grid, and they then supply your neighbors with the finest electricity. Once connected, everything runs automatically and you can sit back and relax.

Balcony power plant a 400 watt device

After a whole day in direct sunlight, you can achieve a very good 2.5 - 3.5kWh per panel. Converted to this, your balcony power plant can operate a 400-watt device for 7-9 hours. And that's a pretty good number to meet your energy needs. This amount of energy is enough for a medium-sized house equipped with LED lamps.


Solar energy is the best alternative to your traditional power supply from the utility company and is immensely beneficial in the long run. A balcony power plant saves a lot of money and helps the environment. It is also very easy to use for tenants and can be easily taken with you if you move. It is worthwhile to operate a balcony power plant on your own initiative. If there is enough light, you produce your own free electricity and on a cloudy day you rely on the electricity from your supplier.

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