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Einspeisung beim Balkonkraftwerk messen mit AP System ECU_Kommunikationseinheit

Measuring feed-in at the balcony power plant with AP system ECU communication unit

, by Markus Ochel, 4 min reading time

Hello dear balcony power plant community,

In today's post we would like to deal with the performance measurement of the balcony power plant. The AP-Systems ECU-B communication unit creates the appropriate transparency to measure the yield of your balcony power plant. In addition to the current electricity production, the electricity yield can also be viewed on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. To help you set it up, we have recorded the entire installation and will guide you through the installation step by step. And here we go….

The preparation

First, plug the ECU power plug into your power outlet. When installing for the first time, make sure that you are not too far away from the inverter and that there are as few walls as possible between the inverter and the ECU-B. On the ECU, press the hotspot button on the side once.

Now switch from the ECU to the smartphone

First download the EMA Manager app and you can find it in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Enter EMA Manager as the search term in the App Store search field and install the APP.

EMA appElectricity production balcony power plant

After the app is installed, open your WiFi settings in your smartphone. Select your ECU-B_XXXXXXX here. Next, enter the password with 8x8 i.e. 88888888. The controller should now be connected to your network.
The following confirmation appears and the communication unit is now connected to the router. Updates can be installed automatically.

Measuring electricity at the balcony power plant

Now that your smartphone can communicate with the communication unit, it's time for the app. Now search for the “EMA Manager” app on your smartphone and open it. It is not necessary to enter a username and password. Now open the ECU APP below the login button (marked red).

EMA-APP communication unit

After opening the app, go to the Workspace area (the fourth button in the menu at the bottom of the app (1)) and open the date settings here (2). Check whether the times are correct or set them.

APP setup AP-Systems ECU

The following screen appears, click here on the WLAN settings.

Connect ECU to the router

On the following screen, select your local WiFi. Please note that the screen and the networks to choose will look slightly different for you. Select your network and confirm your router's WiFi code. The code should be on your router or in your documents. The connection to the WiFi ensures that the ECU and later installed inverters communicate and, for example, install firmware updates automatically.

Select WiFi

The following confirmation occurs as soon as the communication unit is connected to your router.

WiFi connected to ECU

In the last step you should connect the inverter to the control device communication unit. Switch back to the workspace and then go to ID management

Set up workspace

Now connect the inverter to the communication unit within the ID management. Add your inverter using the Add button. You will find a barcode on your inverter that you can scan with your smartphone or enter manually. The code usually starts with 702XXXXXX or 703XXXXXX .

Add inverter

Now press the Sync button and the inverter will be added to your communication unit. The following screen will give you confirmation .

Synchronizing the inverter with ECU

Then switch to the Home button in the main menu and the current power generation should be displayed. Sometimes it takes a few minutes (2-5 minutes) until the first watt numbers appear.

Measuring power generation from balcony power plants

You can only directly view the electricity production of your balcony power plant. In the second tab “Modules” you can see the electricity production at the module level. In the “Data” tab you can view and evaluate electricity production over weeks, months and years. This gives you the perfect statistical data about the electricity you have produced with the balcony power plant.


  • Eine super Erklärung! Vielleicht ist das auch ein ganz anderes Problem. Es hat nach der Erklärung alles so geklappt, allerdings bin ich dann wohl aus meinem WLAN raus… sobald ich mit der ECU verbunden bin?! Das kann ja so nicht ganz richtig sein, dass ich mich zwischen der ECU und meinem WLAN entscheiden muss?



  • Können Sie mir bitte erklären,wo ich den Unterschied erzeugter zu eingespeister Energie erkennen kann



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