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Allgemeine rechtliche Fragen zur Anschaffung und Installation eines Balkonkraftwerk

General legal questions regarding the purchase and installation of a balcony power plant

, by Jacqueline Vitt, 3 min reading time

In connection with balcony power plants and their purchase, legal questions and binding requirements that must be adhered to arise again and again.
My solar plant would like to clarify a few recurring questions today so that starting with the electricity you generate yourself from a balcony power plant is as carefree as possible.

Our content is not legal advice. If you need a legal review of your individual case, please contact a lawyer

Does the connection have to be carried out by an electrician or a specialist company?
No! The connection to the final circuit is intended for laypeople through the amendment to DIN VDE 0100-551-1:2016-09 and is therefore completely legal.

Balcony power plants in the apartment, does the landlord or homeowners' association have to agree?
To do this, you need to take a look at the rental agreement. If attaching things to the balcony is not expressly prohibited, the landlord does not have to formally agree.
No consent is required for areas that are part of the normal rental property, such as a terrace or your own garden.
For common areas such as parapets, facades or the roof, it is advisable to ask the landlord for permission, otherwise in the worst case scenario they will have to be dismantled again.
The same applies to an ownership association. However, since 2020, if the majority agrees, then this is sufficient.

Do I need to take out extra insurance?
Separate insurance is not necessary or provided for. However, it may make sense to include the system in your liability or household contents insurance so that storm damage, for example, is also covered. Please ask your insurance company about this.

My network operator requires me to register according to VDE AR-N 4105 through a registered specialist company. What now ?
This regulation can be found in the currently applicable laws and standards. It is advisable to fill out all the necessary forms yourself. The legislature requires registration in Section 19 Paragraph 3 NAV, but there are no further requirements for specific implementation.

What happens if I have missed entering my plug-in solar device in the market master data register?

If the reporting obligation is violated, the Federal Network Agency can in theory impose a fine in accordance with Section 21 MaStRV. In reality, however, this is hardly possible because a balcony power plant does not generate any EEG compensation for the electricity fed in. The options for issuing punishments are therefore very limited.

Does my electricity meter have to be replaced if I purchase a balcony power plant?
A meter with a backstop or a bidirectional meter is required to operate a balcony power plant. The reason for this is that the meter cannot run backwards and all amounts of electricity fed in must be recorded. If you need to have your meter replaced, the network operator will contact you after you register.

Can a network operator ban a balcony power plant?
In principle, the network operator is not allowed to do this. There is an exception if the network operator can prove a harmful effect on the network. However, this is impossible due to compliance with the standards that our inverters have. A network operator's access options end behind the meter unless you make any changes to the technical or electrical building equipment.

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